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Crowdfunding Research that Wouldn't Otherwise See the Light of Day

Have you ever heard a claim that sounds wrong, but you don’t have the evidence you need to refute it? You try as hard as you can but it increasingly seems as if the data just can’t be found. Maybe nobody cares as much as they should. Maybe corporate lobbies and special interest groups are stopping any investigations from succeeding. Maybe someone just hasn’t done the research. Who knows? Have you ever wanted to know how much electricity has been collectively spent watching Rick and Morty, Firefly, and The Office? Maybe it’s the power equivalent of ten suns. Maybe it isn’t, but can you prove it either way? Nope. This is the kind of thing we’ve wanted to know as well, so we founded Grantstarters.

Every academic knows they’ve got that fun and/or important research project bottled up in their mind and everything they need to pull it off, but just can’t find the money to do it. Grantstarters helps the public and the scientific community work together to make the magic happen. Before, a fun and crazy research project and/or an amazingly impactful one could feasibly be pushed into the sidelines of academia, never to see the light of day. But now, Grantstarters incentivized the public by making it possible for someone looking to support a scientific endeavor to do so while getting rewarded for it!

Researchers have the option not only to post a description of their project for the public to share and contribute to, but to give something back to their supporters as well. So a backer might walk away from a Grantstarters project with not just the feeling that they helped out a new and game-changing tech company, but a shiny prototype on its way to their mailbox as well. And last but certainly not least, all backers will receive pre-publication research updates and data caches from the researchers they sponsor, so you’ll finally be able to prove your thesis on power spent watching your favorite show, and the high-handed lobbyists won’t be able to stop you.